For over 150 years the Gwydyr fishery has been renowned for some of the finest Salmon and Sea Trout fishing throughout Wales.

Enjoy Salmon and Sea Trout fishing in breathtaking surroundings, with Buzzards and Peregrines above and King Fishers along the banks, you will find your fishing experience truly memorable. Summer Salmon fishing commences in May, with fish of between 5-8 lbs from late August the heavier autumn fish arrive with fish in the 10-20 lbs class caught on a variety of permitted methods, given suitable conditions.

Grilse fishing commences late July through September. Large Sea Trout start to arrive in late May in the 10-12 lbs class, from June onwards they arrive in numbers. Quality night fishing can be had with Bats for company and splashes of large Sea Trout to inspire.

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